Welcome to Lapalandia

Welcome to Lapalandia - the best thing that happened to your dog other than You. Our pet hotel offers constant care and love, vet on call, 24/7 webcam with call function for you and your pet and many more.

Our services include:

Our Services

Lapalandia is the place where comfort and convenience meet for both you and your pet.

Meet Our Team


Bibie has an invaluable experience in taking general and intensive care for pets , she is great and understanding pets and finding the best approach to them promptly. This makes her an indispensable part of our team. She has over 10 years of experience working in veterinary clinics as a specialist in the care for dogs and cats housed in vet facilities –  she is certified and trained to work with pets from all ages – from puppies to those of a more ripe age. In the meantime, at her own initiative, she founded Aurora Pet Rescue – an organization dedicated to finding a home for dogs and cats in need – organizing, training and preparing new parents for their lives with their new pet. In her life there is a friendly paw around every corner. Bibie has many responsibilities in Lapalandia – she can help you book your pet’s stay with us , she will answer all your questions  and ensure that the  superb experience of your four-legged friend in Lapalandia is guaranteed.


Mina is synonymous to a radiant, caring and motivated young lady who loves animals and quickly finds a common ground with them. She has been involved in several Aurora Pet Rescue causes and has been trained to work with dogs and cats of all ages. She takes care of our guests here in Lapalandia, makes sure they feel comfortable during their stay. You can find her smiling in every corner of Lapland.


Zhani llooks after other people’s pets and her own as well at home for more than 5 years. She decided to join the team of Lapalandia to pursue this favorite hobby of hers professionally. She loves animals and has volunteered in many causes to look after and help dogs and cats. A graphic designer by education, Zhani helps us with digital marketing, administration and care for your four-legged buddies.

In order to get to know each other and make sure that our guests will feel mot comfortable with us, we have prepared a small questionnaire for everyone who becomes part of our Lapalandia family: