Our Services

1. Day Care Service

Your little four-legged hairy friend is a member of your family and needs specific care and training as he grows up just like kids do. We provide care, training, food and comfort for your little adventurer in Lapalandia’s reception working hours(from 10:00 to 19:00).

Price of Day care package BGN 15 per day.

2. Hotel and accommodation

Studio rooms

Our large studios provide peace and privacy for your pet. The rooms are cleaned and sanitized daily and have everything your pet needs to feel at home. The common areas are cleaned and disinfected daily.

The price for studio and accommodation of one pet per night is BGN 30* 

*for pets up to 30 kg, for 30+ kg pet guests are charged BGN 1 per extra kilogram , i.e. 35 kg pet = BGN 35 per night
**for 1 extra dog in the same box –  BGN 15 per night

VIP room

A special VIP experience for your VIP family of pets. The VIP room  allows accommodation for up to 3 dogs per night.


 The price for renting a VIP room per night is BGN 60.

3. Value - added Packages

Make your dog's stay at Lapalandia more special with added value packages.

Taxi service – Our driver comes to an address set by you to pick up and drive your pet to Lapalandia in a specially adapted car. The return trip can also be arranged. Contact us for more details.

Training schedule “I Work out”: personalized individual training session for your pet with our accredited dog trainer – you can set the training regime – getting in shape, learning hygiene habits l, learning new tricks and more. Contact us for details.

Additional information

Your pet’s room is equipped with everything your pet needs during its stay with us –  bed,  couch,  rug, bowls, a good view, ventilation, air conditioning. You can also bring your pet’s bed, blankets and / or toys  so that he/she can feel at home faster.

We offer food for the entire stay of your pet with us, if you prefer to bring food for us to serve to your four-legged sweetie, please ration it in zippered bags, which display the name of your pet.